What Elastic Teams are

Elastic Teams give unique
access to a perfectly constructed
and re-composable talent pool

The benefits of private talent clouds


Quality driven tech teams available on-demand

Global talent pool

Elastic Teams give clients access to the highest quality software engineers and developers wherever they are. Clients are no longer restricted to a talent pool within a 20 miles commute of their office.

Distributed’s global reach means we have access to the best technical talent available anywhere on the planet which massively increases the scope for accessing the best developers and engineers for your project.


Speed of deployment

Elastic Teams can be deployed within days. Traditional recruitment for developers and software engineers is usually measured in months from start to finish, the Elastic Teams model is far more efficient.

Clients can rapidly scale delivery up or down at short notice. Project due dates are no longer driven by lengthy recruitment processes, they are driven by your business needs. Fixed costs for hiring and salary are now variable costs.


Support your core team

Elastic Teams augment and support your existing teams. CTOs and CIOs no longer need to worry about retraining and re-skilling team members to address skills gaps.

As projects reach different stages in the development pipeline you can quickly increase or decrease this flexible resource to precisely address your needs at that point. Elastic Teams integrate with your core team to deliver scalability, flexibility, and support to meet your team’s goals.

No limit on skills

Distributed’s Elastic Team will have a range of people available at the right skill level ready to deploy.

Frontend, backend, database, API or DevOps – our global talent pool lets you compose a team with skillsets bespoke to your needs.

UK based delivery team

QA is managed by Distributed’s core team based in the UK

All Elastic Team members are rigorously tested against multiple criteria to ensure they match not only the technical requirements of clients but also they cultural fit of your team.

Distributed have automated workflows and processes together with standardised security, documentation and coding practices to ensure best practice and consistent performance.

With a 98% on time delivery rate our UK based delivery team is built to guarantee quality.

Build your perfect team

Configure, scale, and deploy at speed. Reconfigure your team based on your changing needs.

As the role of the CTO and CIO comes under increasing pressure to deliver strategic initiatives for their business, having the flexibility to deploy resource exactly how, where, and when you need it without depriving other parts of the business is critical to your success.