How our process works

Distributed’s proven delivery
system uses 3 key elements:

UK based delivery team | Global Elastic Team | Digital Platform

UK based delivery team

Our delivery team are your single point of contact.

They identify deliverables, set milestones, define the acceptance criteria, and manage the development team all through the project.

  • A delivery lead, your primary point of contact and typically an ex-programmer, this person is responsible for communication and managing the project KPIs.This person coordinates your Elastic Team’s composition.

  • A technical lead, responsible for assembling the right team for your engagement, translating the client brief into technical work packages for the Elastic Team and ensuring every outcome is delivered to spec.

  • QA Lead, responsible for integrating our bleeding-edge QA tech stack into every stage of the development process. This QA-driven approach to development underpins our everything the team does.

Global Elastic Team

Elastic Team members

Undergo a rigorous screening process for technical skills, personality fit, and security clearance before they can be deployed on client projects.

Elastic Team deployment

Create next-level efficiency that is more cost-effective. With a fluid workforce that integrates with your core team making it easier and faster to deliver and achieve goals.

Access to highly skilled workers
Access to Distributed’s private talent cloud, in the form of Elastic Teams,  means getting the benefits of the best freelancers without having to find, hire, and manage them yourself. Instead, you get managed outcomes and a single point of contact.

Distributed’s platform

  • Distributed has developed a unique platform to support our people and our clients
  • Our platform identifies capability in candidates from a range of backgrounds and the most in-demand skills and technologies
  • If projects change due to unforeseen client needs we can adapt quickly to deal with scope creep and supply key skills on-demand
  • Clients can access the platform through a secure login to have complete visibility of projects and their constituent elements including planning future requirements

Process flow

Deliver products and services faster with guaranteed outcomes

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