“Distributed’s business model is a unique one already helping dozens of companies keep vital digital projects running in hugely uncertain economic conditions. We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with them”

Jon Lewis – CEO – Capita plc


Our Global Elastic Teams are composable of any skillset, managed by our UK delivery team, turn fixed hiring costs into variable and can be ready to go in less than 48 hours.

Yes, we can help scope, design, build and maintain web apps for your business. We’ll compose the team of experts in whichever digital framework or technology makes the most sense for you.

Yes, we can help validate, scope, design, develop, test and maintain Android or iOS apps for your business. We’ll help you decide the best frameworks and technologies to use to best achieve your desired outcomes.

Yes, we can help you integrate any part of your tech stack into third party services or external technologies. Whether its a CRM integration or building a REST API from scratch or maintaining an existing integration we can help.

Yes, We are often brought in as an additional layer of business continuity support on existing codebases. We can be flexible in the team’s skillsets and in the level of workload each month. We work on a flexible cost model which is highly cost efficient.

Yes, we can help you build and maintain existing database and back-end projects. We dynamically compose the teams with experts in the technologies you’re using. We’re used to working with mature and complex projects.

Yes, we can help you build an automated ETL pipeline to migrate your data from your product to any other cloud service like data warehouse or lake facilities.


How Distributed Solves Your Software Development Issues?

Hiring great developers takes time and costs too much.

Use our talent pool to fill difficult skill gaps that are hard to attract and retain. Or build your product from scratch. No time spent hiring.

Your workload varies month to month by volume and variety

Helping you engage and manage the skills and expertise you need today, planning for how that might change tomorrow. Our onboarding process ensures our teams quickly ramp up even on mature and complex codebases.

You need rare skillsets to build and maintain your tech stack

Whether it’s C##, Ruby, React or JS; with our global talent pool standup a team in any skillset within 48 hours. Less headaches, more action.

You need to stop worrying about the quality of what will be delivered

All our teams & projects are fully managed by our London based Delivery team. We’ve invested heavily in our QA process and tech stack, to ensure outcomes as expected. Every time.

“We chose to use Distributed because we get a tier-one software development team with fully flexible costs.”

David Mitchell
CEO – Dragonfly

“Distributed is my strategic technology partner, which I know I’m buying an army of experts who can be switched on and off when needed.”

Alan Willis
COO – ABM Communications

“Distributed adds the right resources for your team. We were able to expand the team three-fold within 24hrs. The less than 24 hours process allows us to move quickly.”

Katie Gibbs
Partner – Heron AI

“I put a brief out on LinkedIn and UpWork but UpWork is a lot of work and hassle to script it all up. Distributed took all that pain away. It’s pain relief”

CTO – True Royalty


How we become your development partner

A key issue we’ve heard from most business leaders is, they don’t have the time or headspace to attract and build a top team of development talent. Either through freelancer platforms or in house. We take away the pain of trying to run technical digital projects so you can focus on growing your business.

UK Delivery Team

Want a guaranteed outcome?

Our UK based delivery team makes sure that every delivery happens exactly as specified. No due date extensions. We’re proud to have a 98% on-time delivery rate across 100s of projects.

Global Elastic Team

Want access to expert developers whenever you need them?

Get a pay as you go development team in any skillset. All our talent is highly vetted and chooses to work on each project because it fits with their goals, meaning you never get matched with someone with no skin in the game.

Digital Platform

Want full visibility and proactive updates on your project?

We’ve invested in a purpose-built platform to automate and improve delivery outcomes and provide you full visibility on project progress at the touch of a button. Get it on Mobile, Web, or Tablet.


Used by market leaders


“It’s not an overstatement to say we’ve been able to overachieve with Distributed.”

Team scaled NPS Saved Faster




156 days

Technologies used – React, Node.js, PHP, Spark


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