“Distributed’s business model is a unique one already helping dozens of companies keep vital digital projects running in hugely uncertain economic conditions. We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with them”

Jon Lewis – CEO – Capita plc


Our Global Elastic Teams are composable of any skillset, managed by our UK delivery team, turn fixed hiring costs into variable and can be ready to go in less than 48 hours.

Yes, we can help scope, design, build and maintain web apps for your business. We’ll compose the team of experts in whichever digital framework or technology makes the most sense for you.

Yes, we can help validate, scope, design, develop, test and maintain Android or iOS apps for your business. We’ll help you decide the best frameworks and technologies to use to best achieve your desired outcomes.

Yes, we can help you integrate any part of your tech stack into third party services or external technologies. Whether its a CRM integration or building a REST API from scratch or maintaining an existing integration we can help.

Yes, We are often brought in as an additional layer of business continuity support on existing codebases. We can be flexible in the team’s skillsets and in the level of workload each month. We work on a flexible cost model which is highly cost efficient.

Yes, we can help you build and maintain existing database and back-end projects. We dynamically compose the teams with experts in the technologies you’re using. We’re used to working with mature and complex projects.

Yes, we can help you build an automated ETL pipeline to migrate your data from your product to any other cloud service like data warehouse or lake facilities.

Yes, we’ve worked with a number to top automotive manufacturers to integrate machine learning into their internal software.

Yes, we can integrate expert data scientists into your projects to help analyse and report on large data projects.


How Distributed Solves Your Software Development Issues?

Rapidly flexible to your requirements

Rapidly scale your delivery capabilities up or down, to confidently complete your upcoming digital initiatives. Turn fixed hiring and salary costs into variable.

Highly-vetted global talent pool with CSR benefits

Our Elastic Teams are vetted through a rigorous process. We provide democratic access to work globally irrespective of location, gender, race or religion. Every £1 spent on our services distributes on average £2.14 spending power across low income regions.

Tech enabled QA Process & Proven security standards

Our UK based Quality Assurance Team utilises bleeding-edge technology and processes. Choose your security level all the way up to .gov standard, ensuring safe, quality delivery outcomes.

Fully managed outcomes = no surprises

Our customer governance process is flexible to adhere to your delivery methodologies and culture. Your Distributed delivery team helps to define scope, milestones and guarantees you get your desired outcome.

“We chose to use Distributed because we get a tier-one software development team with fully flexible costs.”

David Mitchell
CEO – Dragonfly

“Distributed is my strategic technology partner, which I know I’m buying an army of experts who can be switched on and off when needed.”

Alan Willis
COO – ABM Communications

“Distributed adds the right resources for your team. We were able to expand the team three-fold within 24hrs. The less than 24 hours process allows us to move quickly.”

Katie Gibbs
Partner – Heron AI

“Very professional, technically competent and extremely supportive team. Who worked closely to find the best solution. A refreshing experience.”

Paul Jackson
MD – Providence


How we become your development partner

Our goal is to grant democratic access to high-quality work to anyone in the most sustainable way. Irrespective of location, creed, or colour. We’re building the most socially responsible platform to find and distribute that work. Globally distributing not just team members but also wealth and prosperity to lower-income regions. Here’s how we do it:

UK Delivery Team

Want to spread the wealth but not the burden of managing workload, performance, or cultural fit?

Each expert team is fully managed by a local project manager, technical and quality assurance lead. Our proven process ensures every outcome is achieved as desired.

Global Elastic Team

Want to compose the team of different skillsets for each digital initiative?

Stand up a team in up 90% of active programming skillsets anytime to deliver your outcome.

Digital Platform

Want full visibility and proactive updates on your project?

We’ve invested in a proprietary platform to automate and improve delivery outcomes. Providing you with full visibility on your project progress on your own terms.


Used by market leaders


“It’s not an overstatement to say we’ve been able to overachieve with Distributed.”

Team scaled NPS Saved Faster




156 days

Technologies used – React, Node.js, PHP, Spark


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