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“TSYS sits on the advisory board for the world’s leading blockchain information product, the Distributed Ledger. In its board role, TSYS has a first look at innovative enterprise-level blockchain applications and the companies building them.”

Russell Moore

“Ultimately, that’s what the Distributed: Trade conference was meant to do — spur ideas, communication, and meaningful connections between a diverse set of people that perhaps wouldn’t cross paths in their day to day operations.”

Iliana Oris Valiente

“Our partnership with the Distributed Ledger has enabled us to gain valuable insights into new developments in the world of enterprise blockchains during a crucial time in this industry. The coverage of diverse use cases highlights the far-reaching impact of this technology.”

Micah Winkelspecht

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The Distributed Ledger provides professionals with the intelligence, support and expertise they need to understand the far-reaching impacts of blockchain technology. We explore the business cases, technical considerations, regulatory approaches and projects that will shape the future of industry.

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