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Travis Ousley

London, UK, April 6th, 2021 – London, UK – Distributed has today announced the appointment of Travis Ousley as its Head of People. Travis joins the company from US-based virtual events startup Brazen where he served as the firm’s director of people and culture, following his move from Andela in 2020.

Travis brings 16 years of recruitment, leadership and mentorship experience to the business, having previously led the global recruitment teams and functions at Andela, Axiom and Managed by Q. Travis has a wealth of experience in hiring and leading high performing, global teams with dual recruitment aims. He will support Distributed in becoming an established global career destination for talented freelance developers looking to join the future of work as Elastic Team™️ members. He will also help to build the internal software delivery management teams that accompany Elastic Teams on every client project.

”The future of work is global and remote. Distributed is going to be a big part of defining what that means for businesses and freelancers. I am thrilled to be joining the team at what is an incredibly important year for the company and cannot wait to help strengthen the fantastic work that Distributed and its global, developer community is already doing for businesses around the world,” says Travis Ousley – Head of People – Distributed.

“Travis is an outstanding leader, having set up and led hugely successful startup teams throughout his career. We are beyond excited to welcome him to the team. Building our Elastic Team community and strengthening our internal team are and will continue to be key priorities this year as we focus on maintaining triple-digit yearly growth in 2021,” said Callum Adamson – CEO and co-founder of Distributed.

Travis recently featured in Distributed’s third episode of “The Future of Work Roundtable: How do we fix work? Rebuilding work in a way better for all”, which can be found here.

About Distributed

Distributed is a tech-enabled startup founded in 2017 on the belief that businesses of the future will thrive without the need for technical development teams-in-residence. Through the Distributed platform clients can work with fully managed, globally distributed teams as easily as local teams, allowing them to build and maintain software faster, safer and with more visibility than ever before. On average, it costs more than £20,000 and takes 5 months to fill a technical vacancy – by working with Distributed, organisations can avoid this significant investment by drawing on a pool of the highest quality, fully managed, experienced software developers and engineers from all over the world; within days, not months. With Elastic Teams™️ clients can scale up and down team activity based on requirements and compose their teams of any programming skillsets. Distributed maintains a workforce of full-time project managers, technical leads and quality assurance leads that are deployed on every client project. This means every project is fully managed from brief to delivery to ensure the most efficient and highest quality result for the client.

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