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Distributed’s Elastic Teams deliver enterprise grade on-demand tech teams

Building distributed and on-demand tech teams is an innovative concept for both businesses and freelancers alike, there are many issues to consider to ensure success is delivered for both parties.

Distributed’s market insights share key thought leadership pieces on themes central to the successful delivery.

  • Published On: 8 June 2023Categories: Blogs

    Across all roles of a company, Gartner shares that the highest percentage of top performing teams are remote. However, that doesn’t come without intentional structures that set up remote teams for success. As more companies embrace remote frameworks, it’s critical that they’re prepared to build the right culture in which a remote team can thrive. This includes communicating clearly, building trust, and—most importantly—cultivating your hiring and onboarding processes to start your remote teammates off on proper footing.

  • Published On: 2 June 2023Categories: Blogs

    As a vetted community of experts, only the top 2% of applicants qualify to be admitted into Distributed’s Elastic Team Community. This ensures a supportive and knowledgeable environment from which Elastic Teams are built for customers. Elastic Team members span a wide range of skill sets, experience backgrounds, and time zones in order to offer flexibility to enterprise customers. We’re excited to launch a new monthly initiative, Meet the Experts, to introduce Elastic Team members and share their stories.

  • Published On: 31 May 2023Categories: Blogs

    In an enterprise ecosystem where 70% of IT projects fail according to McKinsey, it’s critical to get strategy right at the outset. Especially considering the time, resources, and budget that go into a large-scale project, enterprise leaders must take the necessary steps to reach a successful outcome.

  • Published On: 17 May 2023Categories: Blogs

    In its 2023 work trend predictions, Gartner introduced the concept of “quiet hiring”—the rise of nontraditional ways of talent procurement that may include redistributing internal resources or leveraging freelance workers.

  • Published On: 11 May 2023Categories: Blogs

    Talent Clouds allow leaders to scale their teams based on their changing business needs. Today’s staffing shortage continues to grow, with Gartner Distinguished VP Brian Kropp predicting that companies may see a 50% to 75% increase in year-over-year turnover rates. It’s critical to leverage a dynamic and agile workforce with the specific expertise that you need for your projects. 

  • Published On: 28 April 2023Categories: Blogs

    A recent Gartner survey reveals that only 19% of HR leaders are prepared to bridge the recruitment gap, even though the shortage of critical talent is the No. 1 trend impacting organisations

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