The Future of Work Roundtable

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Join the roundtable to hear how disrupters, changemakers and visionaries are re-organising work. Making life’s longest pursuit more democratic, accessible and better for all.


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Join Distributed’s Co-Founder and CEO Callum Adamson at the Future of Work Roundtable. Each month he’ll invite 3 panellists to discuss how work is changing, how to harness the freelance revolution and how Distributed teams are building a better future.


EP #1

What Comes Next?

Preparing for a Post-COVID Workforce

Join Host Callum Adamson, and panelists John Younger, Matthew Mottola and Shah Ramezani as they discuss “What comes next? Preparing for a post-COVID workforce.”

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EP #2

Matthew Mottola + The Human Cloud

Freelancing is the Future of Work

Join Distributed’s Co-founder and CEO Callum Adamson as he interviews Matthew Mottola on his new book “The Human Cloud”

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