Blockchain News in Supply Chain and Trade Finance

Energizing the Blockchain — A Canadian Perspective

by Iliana Oris Valiente and Sam Pajot-Phipps


The Rise of the Enterprise Blockchain - How 2016 Signaled a Shift

by Emily Vaughn

The Blockchain Market of 2016 In late 2015, the market for blockchain technology began to shift with regard to financial applications. Much of the discussion still revolved around digital assets and exchange markets, but the industry’s incumbent financial institutions began to realize that ...

Beyond Bitcoin: Circle Pivots to Next-Gen Blockchain-Enabled Social Payments

by Giulio Prisco

The Wall Street Journal posted a story on December 7, 2017 titled “Bitcoin Powerhouse Will Pull the Plug on Bitcoin.” In fact, “bitcoin bank” Circle Internet Financial announced that, among other developments, it will no longer offer customers the ability to buy and sell bitcoins."Using bitcoin ...

Blockchain Technology's Potential to Enable Real, Sustainable Sharing Economy Apps

by Giulio Prisco

Uber and Airbnb, the hugely popular marketplaces for taxi-like car rides and hotel-like short-term rentals, are usually considered to be successful case stories for the emerging “sharing economy.” Another buzz phrase, “people as a services,” describes the business models of these two companies, ...

Microsoft Unveils “Project Bletchley” for Enterprise Cloud Blockchain Platforms

by Giulio Prisco

On June 15 Microsoft announced Project Bletchley, which outlines the company’s vision for an “open, modular blockchain fabric powered by Azure,” Microsoft’s cloud computing service and highlights new key elements in enterprise blockchain architecture.The way was paved for the new modular ...

Distributed Identity Project Wins $20k Hackathon Prize at Distributed: Trade

by Pete Harris

A four-person project calling itself DIID – for Distributed ID – was awarded the $20,000 grand prize in the 24-hour hackathon that preceded the Distributed: Trade conference in St. Louis, Missouri earlier this week. The team developed a prototype of an application that provides a “solution to ...

Dynamo Launches Technology Accelerator and Venture Fund for the Supply Chain Sector

by Giulio Prisco

The freight business, not normally thought of as an exciting new frontier, has become one with the advent of blockchain solutions to streamline operations and potentially reap billions in savings. Dynamo is among the startups drawing new talent and investment to the sector, where it hopes to ...

How Blockchain Technology Is Reinventing Global Trade Efficiency

by Pete Harris

The business of moving commercial goods around the planet represents billions of dollars in enterprise revenue—as well as losses and inefficiencies resulting from risk, fraud or anachronistic manual paperwork delays. The good news is that few sectors are poised to so dramatically benefit from ...

Microsoft Gets Serious About Blockchain Tech, Including Ethereum

by Pete Harris

Microsoft’s announcement last week that it is partnering with bank consortium leader R3 CEV wasn’t the first time that the Redmond, Washington-based IT giant has been linked with blockchain developments. However, along with the previous week’s news related to its Visual Studio development ...

Scalable Distributed Ledgers Will Enable Pervasive Internet Micropayments

by Giulio Prisco

Before the Web as-we-know-it, there was a conceptual precursor known as Project Xanadu. The brainchild of information technology pioneer, sociologist and maverick philosopher Ted Nelson, Project Xanadu was never fully implemented. However, according to many top computer scientists, the Xanadu ...

A Blueprint for Use Cases in the Evolving Blockchain Services Market

by Emily Vaughn

Emerging technologies have a long history of initial aversion followed by experimentation and cautious adoption before exploding into mainstream markets. Blockchain technology is no exception, a fact made evident by the resilience of Bitcoin and substantial institutional buy-in from the world’s ...

The Block Chain Conference – Pointing to Blockchain’s Enterprise Potential

by Pete Harris

Last week saw the debut of The Block Chain Conference in San Francisco, an event produced by Lighthouse Partners to bridge the gap between the “IT establishment” – major vendors and users of enterprise IT – and the blockchain startup world. Around 240 delegates and speakers participated, and ...

How the Blockchain Will Usher in a Future of Frictionless Legal Transactions

by Giulio Prisco

Blockchain technology, the “distributed ledger” in which Bitcoin transactions are recorded, when applied to the information management protocols of the legal profession, has the potential to turn the paperwork delays now endemic to most transactions into quaint memories of how things used to be ...

Efficiency and Security Among Blockchain Benefits to Insurance Industry

by Kyle Torpey

A report released by Long Finance has outlined the possible impact of blockchain technology on insurance. The report claims that blockchain technology applications, many of which are already in development, could have a major impact on identity, globalization, time, mutuality and other insurance ...

Using the Blockchain to Track Assets for Proof of Ownership

by Jacob Donnelly

Counterfeit and stolen goods are a significant problem of global commerce. According to the Economist, "estimates for the total value of fakes sold worldwide each year go as high as $1.8 trillion."This results in tremendous losses to product owners without even taking into consideration the ...