Survey: 73 Percent of U.K. Consumers Don't Know What 'Cryptocurrency' Is

Source: FCA

According to a national survey of consumers in the United Kingdom held by the Financial Conduct Authority, 73 percent of those polled don't know what a cryptocurrency is or are unable to define the term. The survey also found that only 3 percent of those consumers had ever invested in crypto assets.

The survey, as well as accompanying qualitative research, also found that some crypto asset owners made their purchases without conducting any research first.

Ethereum's Hashrate Has Fallen More Than 50 Percent Since August

Source: Trustnodes

According to data from, Ethereum's hashrate has fallen to its lowest level since 2017, down more than 50 percent since a peak last August. A dropping hashrate indicates that miners have been leaving the network, possibly because of eth's price drop from a high of $1,400 to about $120 today.

Google Cloud Adds Blockchain Datasets to Ease Audits and Integrations. Will It Help Keep Crypto Honest?

Google has released the transaction history of six cryptocurrencies as datasets that can be analyzed using big data tools on Google Cloud.

Ripple and Tsinghua University Launch Blockchain Scholarship Program

Distributed Summary:

  • Leading blockchain settlement system Ripple and the Chinese Tsinghua University have partnered for scholarships encouraging the “development of blockchain technology” and research on regulatory policies, per announcement
  • The program will closely align with Ripple’s other university blockchain research efforts
  • The initiative could yield additional progress for China’s growing blockchain industry

Elite Academics Join Forces to Build New Bitcoin

A group of professors from seven major American universities are collaborating on a new cryptocurrency called Unit-e, according to a press release published yesterday. The group’s goal is to overcome what it sees as major design flaws in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, especially scalability limitations.