Decentralized Economy Driving Growth Opportunities in the Digital Entertainment Industry

In the last few years, the sharing economy — the emergence of online transactions fueled by open-source technology and the peer-to-peer exchange of goods and services — has experienced tremendous growth in both its user base and the number of projects entering the space.

The emergence of the sharing economy, with blockchain projects existing as some of its most promising outcomes, is transforming everything around us. Not least of which will be the digital entertainment industry.

Blockchain Technology Is Disrupting the Massive Content Marketing Industry

Content marketing, the practice of raising interest in a brand through creative and not explicitly promotional material, has grown in lockstep with the rise of the internet. Social media postings, YouTube videos, blog posts and more have proven to be ideal arenas to target audiences and serve them with content that blends promotion and creatively valuable messages.

As the content marketing industry has reached new heights in the online era, distributed ledger technology appears poised to fundamentally transform it.

IBM and Mediaocean Launch New Blockchain Platform for Digital Advertising

Competition among blockchain-based advertising solutions has grown even more intense with the announcement from IBM and Mediaocean that they are forming a new blockchain consortium for digital advertising and media. 

The two companies announced the consortium at Cannes Lions, a technology and media conference, last week. 

World’s First Blockchain Documentary Series Premieres

The world’s first serialized documentary on blockchain technology, “Next: Blockchain,” has launched with its first episode on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime. It is one of the only video productions to take a deep dive into the world of blockchain technology and those behind its progress.

The series is being produced by OX3 TV Productions; it’s hosted by producer Bianca Chen and directed by Siya Ding. According to OX3, the crew traveled to 13 countries and districts to interview more than 70 prominent voices in the decentralized technology space.

Blockchain Technology Is Giving Digital Marketing a Makeover

In digital marketing, recommendations from experts is one of the strategies with the highest conversion rates. Customers are more likely to buy a product when it is recommended by someone they deem to have expert knowledge about the product. A recommendation from an expert is known as “affiliate marketing.”

Traditionally, all of the intermediaries involved in an affiliate marketing network must be paid — meaning the merchant has to pay more and the content publisher receives less than if there were no middlemen. But now, with blockchain technology, there are companies working on solutions to this traditional expense.