How Tokenized Securities Will Decentralize Traditional Finance

The world of traditional finance offers security, insurance and a proven system for investors and traders to participate and grow their funds. But this system has many limitations. 

Meanwhile, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space can offer nearly boundless potential, freedom and profits, but it lacks stability and regulation, resulting in little buyer protection. So can tokenized securities serve as the best of both worlds? 

Addressing the Looming Retirement Crisis With Blockchain Technology

A critical reality for those approaching advanced age is that, on average, they don’t have enough money saved to comfortably retire.

Pensions are supposedly the de facto way for workers to save up for their retirement, yet the global pensions crisis is a ticking time bomb and very little is being done to defuse a potentially catastrophic situation. Pension and retirement funds across the globe are grossly underfunded and, according to the World Economic Forum, the gap between the assets and liabilities of the world’s six largest economies is expected to reach $224 trillion by 2050. 

Mastercard Is Looking to Stem Theft Through Blockchain Technology

Thieves who “skim” credit card numbers are stealing some $2 billion globally every year. They simply pick up the magnetic images from these cards and they’re off to commit crimes with the stolen data.

Mastercard and other credit card companies are working on solutions that employ blockchains to end these information thefts. The credit card giant, which first began eyeing blockchain technology to thwart thefts in 2016, has applied for several patents for the nascent applications.

Akamai and Japanese Bank MUFG Developing New Blockchain-Based Payment Network

Cloud delivery platform Akamai Technologies and global financial group Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) have announced plans to offer a new blockchain-based online payment network with next-generation scalability and throughput. According to the two companies, the new payment system will support a global network for processing credit cards and other financial transactions.

Built upon Akamai’s intelligent cloud platform, this new blockchain technology is expected to be highly scalable, decrease latency, enhance security and to vastly exceed the capabilities of other payment systems, including others based on blockchain technology.

Blockchains Could Be the Answer to Fairer Lending Systems

According to economists at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as reported by Business Insider, when it comes to homeownership, millennials lag behind every generation before them this century. 

report by the National Association of Realtors shows that millennials who don’t already own a home are delaying buying one for an average of seven years. Some of the reasons given for the delay include tighter credit standards and lifestyle changes. They are getting married and having children much later than previous generations and also, unlike their parents or grandparents, millennials come out of college with heavy debts that make it nearly impossible for them to take up mortgage financing.