Blockchain News in Healthcare

The Blockchain And Global Health

by Michael Scott


IBM Report Highlights Blockchain’s Value in Healthcare

by Michael Scott

As blockchain technology is adopted more widely within healthcare, a recent survey sought to gauge the intersection between the industry and disruptive innovation.In a report titled “Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain: Keeping Patients At The Center,” the IBM Institute for Business Value and The ...

Free Markets and Consumer Healthcare: Hashing Out a Solution

by Michael Scott

It’s a well-known fact that U.S. health systems function in a very disjointed way. Consumers get little or no information enabling them to make informed decisions about their care. Moreover, they are often enmeshed in health delivery networks that give them no self-directed choice. Cost and ...

Reshaping U.K.’s National Health Service With the Blockchain

by Michael Scott

The National Health Service (NHS) is a British legacy institution tasked with caring for 65 million people. Despite existing as a model for universal healthcare, the system is rife with challenges: a bloated bureaucracy, outdated systems, clinical failure, internal political squabbles and ...

Building A New VA Healthcare System, Block by Block

by Michael Scott

There continues to be a flurry of media attention about persistent problems facing the V.A. health system. As the largest integrated health system in the U.S., the system serves 8.76 million veterans annually at over 1,700 care sites. It is also the nation’s largest provider of graduate medical ...

Are Patient Payment and Records Solutions Just Around the Block?

by Michael Scott

In the U.S., the complex nature of health payment and records systems has been well documented. This is widely viewed as a key bottleneck in a healthcare industry saddled with soaring costs, spotty care and barriers to patient access.For a broader perspective on what can be done to address these ...

Hashed Health Launches Blockchain Consortium for Healthcare Companies at Distributed: Health Conference

by Christie Harkin

Hashed Health, a new collaborative healthcare innovation company, has announced a major partnership with Martin Ventures, a global leader in healthcare and technology initiative investment. Its mission is to bring together leading healthcare enterprises in order to advance distributed ledger ...

Blockchain Sets a New Standard for Health Record Operability, Says New Research Paper

by Giulio Prisco

A new research white paper, How Blockchain Technology Can Enhance EHR Operability, jointly published by Ark Invest and Gem, makes a thoughtful case for the need to modernize the way electronic patient health records, called EHRs, are accessed and handled across the healthcare industry. According ...

Winners of Health IT Blockchain Challenge Showcase Trends in Privacy, Interoperability and Claims Processing

by Giulio Prisco

Chosen from among more than 70 submissions, recently announced winners of the Blockchain Challenge in Health IT reflect critical developments in encryption, distributed ledger interoperability and smart-contracts claims processing, addressing issues that have long vexed the healthcare industry.A ...

Understanding Blockchain's Role in the Labyrinth of Healthcare

by Pete Harris

The infrastructure that underpins the healthcare industry is increasingly cited as ripe for a redux based on blockchain technology – to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and provide better services to patients. But the devil is in the details, so Distributed asked David George, Chief ...

The Fast-Growing Impact of Distributed Ledgers on the Healthcare Sector

by Giulio Prisco

Gem, a provider of enterprise blockchain solutions, recently launched Gem Health, a network for developing applications and shared infrastructure for healthcare powered by the Ethereum blockchain and announced that Philips Blockchain Lab, a research and development center of healthcare giant ...

Rubix by Deloitte on Blockchain Use Cases for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

by Pete Harris

“Within one value chain - the pharmaceutical supply chain for drug products - many use cases exist across the board where there’s an opportunity to leverage blockchain technology. Why? Because in this value chain there are many points where processes break down due to a lack of transparency and ...

Healthcare: Can the Blockchain Optimize and Secure It?

by Jacob Donnelly

The disruptive nature of blockchain technology is easy for people to conceptualize in the field of finance. T+3 interferes in traders being able to maximize earnings – payments shouldn’t take days to process while an email can be sent in seconds. As the first use case in many to come, finance is ...