Distributed Cartoon: Board the Enterprise

With the "change the world" possibilities of decentralized computing taking longer to launch than many hoped, blockchain businesses are now pivoting to enterprise sales — framing the technology as a savior for fundamental business needs like optimized supply chains and healthcare transaction efficiency.

Six Banks Will Issue Stablecoins Through IBM, Stellar Partnership

Source: Cheddar

Six international banks have agreed to issue their own stablecoins through IBM Blockchain World Wire, the blockchain-based payments network built by IBM and Stellar. These banks include South Korea's Bank Busan, the Philippines' Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation and Brazil's Banco Bradesco. There are more than 44 banks now on the service.

New York Times Posts, Removes Blockchain Exploration Lead Job Opening

Source: CoinDesk

The New York Times posted and then removed a job opening for a "blockchain exploration lead" today. According to the description, which is no longer live on the Times website but still lives on Indeed.com, the company is looking for someone to spearhead a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers, to be housed within the research and development division.

HSBC Seeks Partner to Expand Voltron Distributed Ledger Platform in South Korea

British bank HSBC is looking to partner with South Korean banks to expand the reach of its Voltron distributed ledger platform. Currently a pilot project, Voltron is designed to improve the long process behind letters of credit exchange between importers and exporters. When Voltron is launched commercially, it appears HSBC would like South Korean banks to help spread the platform in the region.

Barclays Analyst: 'Facebook Coin' Could Bring the Company $19 Billion by 2021

Source: CNBC

An analyst for Barclays told clients that Facebook could bring in $19 billion in revenue from its own cryptocurrency, which is reportedly in the works, by 2021.