Distributed Cartoon: The Ride Never Stops

Developers are constantly chasing the best blockchain on which to build their next DApp. Over the last six months, Ethereum has ceded some of its standing as the DApp leader to Tron and EOS. One of the reasons for this is a rise in betting — of the $5.5 billion transacted on EOS DApps since the network launch, 70 percent has been spent on betting DApps.

Blockstack's New Protocol to Leverage "Proof of Burn"

Source: Crypto Shib

According to a recent report, the software company Blockstack is building a distributed ledger protocol called Stacks, which will use a consensus algorithm called "proof of burn." Stacks will leverage Bitcoin's hash power and, initially, build on top of Bitcoin. But to write the next block on Stacks and earn the block reward, participants must provably burn their own bitcoin as an economic cost.

How Does Blockchain-Based Zombie Battleground Work?

The developers of Zombie Battleground, a forthcoming digital game from Loom Network, claim that they are using a blockchain to make trading-card games fun and fair once again. Here’s an overview of how Zombie Battleground works and how it brings innovation to the world of gaming.

What’s the Deal With Coinbase’s Decentralized Identity Project?

Distributed Summary:

  • The exchange giant acquired a development team to focus on decentralizing the digital identity of its users across its products
  • Could make leveraging Coinbase’s various DApps easier and more secure
  • Company also attempted to file a trademark for the new crypto ethos “BUIDL”

EOSBet Becomes First Licensed Gambling Platform on EOS

Distributed Summary:

  • EOSBet becomes “the only open source platform on EOS and now the only licensed platform as well,” per project Medium post
  • Plans to airdrop BET tokens for use in its casino apps and teased exchange listing