LinkedIn Finds Blockchain Developer to Be 2018’s Most Rapidly Growing Job

Distributed Summary:

  • In 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, LinkedIn says blockchain developer hiring grew by 33x
  • Top skills required for the position include Solidity, Node.js, Ethereum and cryptocurrency
  • IBM, ConsenSys and Chainyard are top hirers for the position and SF, NY and ATL the top locations

How Major Websites Are Failing to Keep Our Data Safe

High-profile computer hacks remain top of mind in the public’s perspective of how their data exists online, and it’s no stretch to say that most websites do not do a good enough job of protecting us. Perhaps, with blockchain technology, a better web can be built.

UNICEF Announces $100,000 Investment in Humanity-Focused Blockchain Projects

UNICEF recently announced that its innovation fund will invest $100,000 in blockchain-based projects aimed at solving global problems.

Developing the Devs: How Kingsland University Promotes Blockchain Building Through Immersive Education

“We need developers, now. Right now.”

Facebook Lists Several Blockchain-Related Job Openings

Distributed Summary:

  • The social media giant is looking to expand its efforts in blockchain technology, listing a series of job openings on its corporate website
  • Facebook is looking for a blockchain software engineer, blockchain data scientist, blockchain marketing lead and more
  • The listings follow two executive appointments to explore blockchain technology, dating back to May