The Distributed Ledger

Distributed: Health to Host Healthcare Executives and Decentralizing Technologists

To many, the healthcare industry serves as the single most interesting ground for the advancement of blockchain technology within an enterprise setting. It is a huge global business with critical legacy operations, as well as massive inefficiencies, transparency concerns and questions around future growth. Some of the world's most interesting blockchain use cases can be found in the healthcare industry and many more are poised to take off from there.

Building on this momentum, BTC Inc, publisher of, has announced plans for its third annual Distributed: Health conference, the first and largest conference dedicated to the intersection of the healthcare industry and blockchain technology. The conference will be held in partnership with Hashed Health, a healthcare innovation products company.

Taking place from November 5 to 6, this year's Distributed: Health is anticipating over 1,000 attendees, with several keynote speakers and technological presentations already lined up. Former U.S. Senator Bill Frist will discuss his efforts to reform the healthcare industry on a national level. The Department of Health and Human Services, RTI international, Optum and Humana are expected to make high-profile company announcements. Enterprise blockchain leaders like Hyperledger and the Ethereum Foundation will present some of their solutions for the industry's pain points.

The event will also feature a 24-hour hackathon intended to equip some of the country's leading developers with blockchain technology and produce real-life solutions for the healthcare industry. There will also be an enterprise code camp to help developers sharpen their distributed ledger building skills and explore the latest technological tools at their disposal.

World’s First Blockchain Documentary Series Premieres

The world’s first serialized documentary on blockchain technology, “Next: Blockchain,” has launched with its first episode on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime. It is one of the only video productions to take a deep dive into the world of blockchain technology and those behind its progress.

The series is being produced by OX3 TV Productions; it’s hosted by producer Bianca Chen and directed by Siya Ding. According to OX3, the crew traveled to 13 countries and districts to interview more than 70 prominent voices in the decentralized technology space.

Distributed 2018 Will Unite the World Around Blockchain Solutions

BTC Inc, along with partners ConsenSys, HashKey Digital Asset Group Limited (HKDAG) and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, has announced its upcoming Distributed 2018 conference, the new global meeting point for decentralizing disruptors and enterprise executives taking place in San Francisco from July 19 to 20.

The two-day, dual track program will cover a wide spectrum of the distributed ledger industry’s most compelling and controversial topics. The "Foundations of Distributed Business and the New Global Enterprise" track is focused on an enterprise-level audience, sharing top-level blockchain use cases and addressing barriers to adoption such as compliance and privacy issues. The second track, "Groundbreaking Protocols and the Potential of Tokenization" is geared toward more technical issues like the algorithms and protocols behind decentralized projects, token issuance models and smart contracts. 

The combination of tracks is meant to drive productive meetings and tangible progress between those with the technical know-how to build decentralized solutions and those who want to apply them to their world-leading industries, all in a location that is appealing to both a Western and an Eastern audience. BTC Inc expects more than 1,000 attendees.

The event will be anchored by over 100 high-level speakers, delivering keynote addresses, state of the industry updates and detailed technical explanations. To date, confirmed speakers include Lily Liu of (recently acquired by Coinbase), Sunny Lu from VeChain, Jack Lee representing HCM Capital and Brian Behlendorf of Hyperledger, whose team has long been a leader in the enterprise blockchain space.

Distributed: Health Signals Industry Embrace of Blockchains

During the Distributed: Health conference, September 25 to 26, over 725 healthcare and blockchain leaders from around the world converged in Nashville, Tennessee, to explore how blockchain technology is transforming the healthcare industry.

This year’s conference included a 24-hour hackathon, a two-credit continuing legal education (CLE) course, a code camp providing hands-on workshops for engineers, an investor roundtable and two days of panels and speakers. Since last year, the audience grew by 40 percent.