Sadie Williamson

How Major Websites Are Failing to Keep Our Data Safe

High-profile computer hacks remain top of mind in the public’s perspective of how their data exists online, and it’s no stretch to say that most websites do not do a good enough job of protecting us. Perhaps, with blockchain technology, a better web can be built.

How Blockchains Are Changing the Food Service Industry

Blockchain technology is offering an ideal solution by decentralizing loyalty reward programs ownership and enabling consumers to access their rewards on single platforms, with the option of redeeming points in many locations or establishments.

Solving Internet Centralization With DApps

In the early days of the internet, freedom of information and expression were the original values of the web, which was built to be a place where people could exchange ideas and information freely without worrying about third-party interference.

It wasn’t intended to be a place dominated by powerful organizations and centralized companies, nor was it meant to be tightly regulated or controlled. At the heart of the technology were freedom, autonomy and anonymity. 

Blockchain Projects Are Rising to the Challenges of Big Data

Big data, the data sets that are too large even for standard data processing software, is set to become even more prevalent over the coming years, with forecasts that the market will more than double within a decade. 

And with that growth will naturally come challenges. Securing and interpreting such large amounts of information is no easy task, which is why many see that blockchain technology is poised to grow in lockstep with the advent of big data. 

Decentralized Economy Driving Growth Opportunities in the Digital Entertainment Industry

In the last few years, the sharing economy — the emergence of online transactions fueled by open-source technology and the peer-to-peer exchange of goods and services — has experienced tremendous growth in both its user base and the number of projects entering the space.

The emergence of the sharing economy, with blockchain projects existing as some of its most promising outcomes, is transforming everything around us. Not least of which will be the digital entertainment industry.