Peter Chawaga

Distributed: Markets Brings Blockchain Advances to Legacy Financial Institutions

BTC Media, the owner of, as well as a conference series and other media properties, announced the return of its Distributed: Markets event, a presentation of blockchain use cases and advocacy designed for executives in the financial industry and the digital disruptors who are adding transparency and efficiency to their operations through distributed ledgers.

The event will take place on April 23, 2018, at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

With financial services companies leading the way in the rush to incorporate blockchain technology into their practices, Distributed: Markets comes at a time when those in fintech want to hear from first adopters about what has and hasn't worked as they seek to solve industry problems with the immutability, automation and accountability of distributed ledgers. It will build on the conversations and connections made at last year's conference.

"The inaugural Distributed: Markets conference was the first of its kind, bringing together the most forward-thinking financial markets experts with the world's leaders in blockchain technology," said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Media, per a press release announcing the event. "We're thrilled to provide a dedicated space for that community to learn, connect and collaborate as the momentum around blockchains in fintech and the wider financial markets industry grows."

Building Solutions at the Distributed: Trade Hackathon

From July 22–23, BTC Media, along with co-host SixThirty, asked developers and entrepreneurs from around the country to participate in a 24-hour hackathon in anticipation of its Distributed: Trade conference in St. Louis.

The hackathon challenged participants to use blockchain technology to develop novel solutions to persistent problems facing the global trade or supply chain industries.

Driving the Future of Blockchains: Conclusion

Over the last four weeks, Distributed’s series “Driving the Future of Blockchains” has explored the critical ways that blockchain technology is poised to, or has already begun, reshaping the automotive industry. If you missed any articles in this series, click on the links below.

Through the evolution of cars into mobile supercomputers, fundamental changes to the mobility ecosystems, the rise of ride sharing and the advent of usage-based insurance, blockchains will play a big part in how we get from point A to point B in the future. These developments are taking place all over the world and through the efforts of many different industry players. One of the earliest entrants into the blockchain insurance market is Gem. The Los Angeles-based startup’s partnership with the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) to facilitate usage based insurance, is one of the first examples of enterprise grade blockchain insurance solutions. It represents a paradigm shift in building entirely new insurance models built on data collaboration and sharing.

Hyperledger’s Fabric 1.0 Is Ready to Change the World

When the Linux Foundation introduced Hyperledger, an open-source blockchain project, it aimed to propel distributed ledger technology across the world.

The project took a major stride in that effort today when it announced the general availability of Fabric 1.0, a production-ready blockchain framework that allows users to develop full-fledged distributed ledger applications to solve whatever problems they identify. It is a culmination of more than a year of public collaboration among over 150 participating developers. Engineering was contributed by the likes of the DTCC, Digital Asset Holdings, SAP, IBM and more.

AdLedger Drives Blockchain Collaboration for Media and Advertising

In an announcement that signals not only how far blockchain technology for advertising and media has come, but portends its influence in the industry’s future, a groundbreaking blockchain consortium focused on ad tech has been launched.

The AdLedger Consortium will consist of leaders in advertising and publishing who aim to utilize blockchains to address the ways that the internet has changed their industries, increase transparency and security and prepare for the future in media. The group is hosting its inaugural meeting in New York City today.

Among the founding members of the consortium are IBM, MadHive and TEGNA, companies that have taken the reigns in guiding blockchain adoption in media. With a commitment to collaboration, they hope AdLedger can become a forum to discuss the benefits and roadblocks that a blockchain ecosystem presents to ad tech. Representatives from various ad tech companies will also be attending to learn more, including Integral Ad Science.

“The overarching goal of the consortium will be to harness the potential of a real-time, blockchain-based, peer-to-peer network to lower costs for publishers and increase ROI for advertisers,” per a press release announcing AdLedger. “AdLedger’s mission is to bring together advertising industry players to collaborate on creating standards to the end of improving transparency and data portability throughout the supply chain. Ultimately, the consortium aims to transform the advertising industry with blockchain-powered solutions.”