Nikki Brown

Securing VR Experiences With Distributed Ledger Technology

We’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the applications of virtual reality (VR).

For one thing, incredible amounts of data must be recorded and tracked to personalize VR experiences. And this need renders data security a major concern. Some players in the VR space are looking to blockchain technology for potential solutions concerning issues of data privacy and security.

What Government and Business Should Learn from DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are entities that do not require a centralized system of governance to function, instead relying on their members to run the network.

Historically, governments and businesses have not deployed decentralized decision-making for both practical and traditional reasons; however, by mobilizing the incentivization enabled by blockchains and incorporating the principles of game theory, DAOs are able to harness the collective wisdom of their members to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency, traits that should interest legacy organizations.

Power to the People: How Blockchains Can Enable Social Change

The content sharing and communication enabled by tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have empowered world-changing cultural movements including #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the Arab Spring.

Despite these social triumphs, dominant centralized systems sometimes seek to minimize change when it doesn’t serve their interests. This issue underlines the need for decentralized content platforms that allow for the existence of potentially unpopular ideas and communication channels unfettered by the watchful eyes of centralized governments and corporations. 

Escaping the “Post-Truth” Era With Blockchain Technology

As the digital landscape stands now, publishers are rewarded for churning out shocking stories with exaggerated headlines that can sometimes stand as outright lies.

Compounding the confusion, consumers are rewarded by peers for sharing the most astonishing and entertaining stories on social media. When stories “go viral,” publishers are rewarded with ad revenue jackpots. This feedback loop contributes to a gradual erosion of truth that is dangerous to the free world. Oxford Dictionaries declared the 2016 word of the year to be “post-truth.”

What Does Blockchain Tech Mean in the Big Data-Fueled Digital Economy?

The current online economy is largely driven by advertising.

Nearly every company with an online presence, from small businesses to digital giants, collects data about consumer behaviors in order to target those consumers with advertisements. Some may see this as a breach of privacy; but for most, the ease of communication and information exchange facilitated by the internet is too great of a benefit to give up. But what if we didn’t have to sacrifice privacy for all that the world wide web has to offer?