Ian Foley

Here Come the Three Bears

To address Ethereum's scaling issues, Vitalik Buterin proposed a new blockchain solution called 'Serenity'

A Marketing-Based Approach to Building the Blockchain Developer Community

Over the last decade, there has been rapid evolution in the approach marketers take to acquire new customers. However, these changes have typically not been applied to companies looking to build developer communities. This blind spot is particularly felt in the blockchain market, where developer resources and engagement are challenged by the nascent stage of the industry.

Traditional customer acquisition was based on the “spray and pray” model. Marketers used outbound email, phone calls and content to carpet-bomb potential customers, and success was measured by the tonnage of activity.

How Smart Contracts Can Help Businesses Provide Better Customer Service

Whether it is due to layers of middlemen or archaic practices, consumers and businesses suffer from unnecessarily high transaction costs in a wide range of legacy businesses, from insurance sales to home buying to international wire transfers.

But what if there was a technology that could help reduce this complexity, potentially removing layers of middlemen and vastly improving the customer experience? One solution that is getting a lot of traction is the use of smart contracts based on blockchain technology. 

Blockchains and Enterprise: The Hybrid Approach to Adoption

Technology change is often confounding, and with the arrival of blockchain technology has come a whole new approach to building and managing enterprise systems. However, like the waves of change that have come in the past (for example, mobile technology and AI), the reality will likely not be wholesale change, but adaptation of the new and the building of hybrid solutions.

What is the return on investment (ROI) from deploying blockchain technology in enterprise business? How does blockchain technology fit into the existing enterprise architecture? What are some of the successful use cases for blockchain technology? These are just some of the questions executives now face.