Ian Foley

Distributed Cartoon: Board the Enterprise

With the "change the world" possibilities of decentralized computing taking longer to launch than many hoped, blockchain businesses are now pivoting to enterprise sales — framing the technology as a savior for fundamental business needs like optimized supply chains and healthcare transaction efficiency.

Distributed Cartoon: The Ride Never Stops

Developers are constantly chasing the best blockchain on which to build their next DApp. Over the last six months, Ethereum has ceded some of its standing as the DApp leader to Tron and EOS. One of the reasons for this is a rise in betting — of the $5.5 billion transacted on EOS DApps since the network launch, 70 percent has been spent on betting DApps.

Distributed Cartoon: Is There Still Room in the Lifeboat?

According to ICORating, 64 percent of all attempted ICOs failed and startups raised 48 percent less through ICOs as 2018 came to a close. As a result, many companies are now pivoting to raise money through security token offerings (STOs), but there are questions about whether investor demand is going to be any different.

Distributed Cartoon: 2018's Biggest Crypto Exchange

Retail investors in cryptocurrencies suffered heavy losses in 2018, which has resulted in many seeking tax credits back.

Here Come the Three Bears