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Legislation From Wyoming Could Enable Blockchain-Based Stock Certificates

Distributed Summary:

  • Bipartisan bill would allow corporations to use blockchain tokens as their only form of stock certification
  • Comes on the heels of other pro-blockchain legislation passed in the state
  • Successful implementation under these blockchain-friendly laws may change legislation elsewhere

Elite Academics Join Forces to Build New Bitcoin

A group of professors from seven major American universities are collaborating on a new cryptocurrency called Unit-e, according to a press release published yesterday. The group’s goal is to overcome what it sees as major design flaws in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, especially scalability limitations.

ConsenSys to Create Blockchain Training Program With Black Girls Code

Distributed Summary:

  • Leading blockchain software company and nonprofit code educator team to provide young women of color with a “comprehensive blockchain curriculum”
  • Will run out of Black Girls Code chapters around the world
  • Students will participate in developer conferences and hackathons

Grin Has Gone Live, But What Is It?

Grin, a new privacy coin based on the Mimblewimble protocol, has officially launched. But what privacy features does it really offer? And why might it appeal to users more than the other cryptocurrencies out there?

Binance Plans European Expansion With Jersey Exchange

Distributed Summary:

  • Mega crypto exchange opens fiat-to-crypto exchange on British island
  • Accepts transactions for BTC and ETH using euros and pounds
  • Could signal European expansion plans from Binance