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World’s First Blockchain Documentary Series Premieres

The world’s first serialized documentary on blockchain technology, “Next: Blockchain,” has launched with its first episode on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime. It is one of the only video productions to take a deep dive into the world of blockchain technology and those behind its progress.

The series is being produced by OX3 TV Productions; it’s hosted by producer Bianca Chen and directed by Siya Ding. According to OX3, the crew traveled to 13 countries and districts to interview more than 70 prominent voices in the decentralized technology space.

“Through our documentary, we want to give our viewers a way to discover the truth about Bitcoin and blockchain [technology] from a humanistic perspective,” Yijie Zhu, an assistant producer for the project, said. 

Interviewees featured in the series include Matthew Roszak and Jeff Garzik, co-founders of the enterprise blockchain platform Bloq; Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum; and Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at the cryptocurrency and blockchain advocacy group Coin Center. It also features representatives from the Ethereum Foundation, Microsoft Azure and R3.

According to the production crew, the project was selected as one of five finalists at MIPDoc’s 2018 conference.

The first episode in the series is centered around Bitcoin, with commentary from early investors and evangelists like Tim Draper, Charlie Shrem and Nick Spanos. It describes the technology and system behind the cryptocurrency, its early history and the implications of its monetary value.

“There were like 10 or 15 of us early adopters,” Shrem said during an interview on the beach featured in the first episode. “Without us, Bitcoin would definitely not be where it is today because we were like the pioneers in the space really early on." 

Future episodes in the series will focus on Bitcoin forks, blockchain technology in general, Ethereum, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the cryptocurrency hardware industry. The final episodes are currently in post-production, with release expected this fall. The team also hopes to release a feature-length documentary film by the end of 2018.

You can watch the series trailer here

Google Adds Bitcoin Symbol to iOS Keyboard

Source: Reddit

Google has added the Bitcoin symbol to its keyboard on iOS, making it one of several alternative currency symbols available when users hold down the dollar symbol key.

Germany Opens Industry Consultation Process for Blockchain Strategy

Source: Reuters

Ahead of announcing an official strategy for leveraging blockchain technology more widely, the German government has opened a process for receiving recommendations around the technology from local companies and industry groups. Germany is Europe's largest economy and Berlin is home to numerous blockchain startups. The solicited recommendations could lead to official legislative action in the near future.

In the Post ICO World, CoinList Prepares Crypto Projects for Investment

ICOs emerged quickly as a popular model for crypto startups to raise funds, exposure and customer interest. But the world of ICOs took a nasty turn in 2018, with many projects that used the model unable to deliver on their promises to investors or turning out to be downright phony.

NFTs: How They Work and How They’re Bridging Blockchains and the Collectibles Industry

The upcoming NFT.NYC event highlights the growing role that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are playing in the crypto industry — and a growing intersection between crypto assets and collectibles.