What is Hyperledger? Executive Director Brian Behlendorf Explains the Linux Foundation's Blockchain Initiative

by Peter Chawaga, Jan 30, 2017

As the executive director of Hyperledger, a distributed ledger initiative from The Linux Foundation, Brian Behlendorf leads a blockchain collaboration between leaders in finance, banking, supply chain, manufacturing and technology. Its membership includes IBM, JPMorgan Chase and American Express, among others.

“My job is to be kind of the geek diplomat,” he said. “To try to figure out how to bring together the community of developers... and connect that to the companies that are building products and services in the space.”

Behlendorf will be discussing the potential for Hyperledger and blockchain to transform financial services as a keynote speaker at Distributed: Markets, the ground-breaking conference on distributed ledger technology and its applications in payments, capital markets, digital assets and insurance.

“I believe that when we start to deploy these things widely, we’ll start to see what today [are] considered very intractable problems [at] the intersection of technology and society suddenly [become] solvable.”

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