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#WCW: Meet Three Women Leading the Blockchain Industry

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! #WCW — Women Crush Wednesday!!!!

No, this is not about posting a picture of your GF or BFF or fave celebrity model on Instagram. This is about actual boss ladies who are making an impact not only in blockchain technology but also on the world. So, let’s get after it and give these women the props that they deserve!

In no particular order …

Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp is the CEO and founder of Everledger … And, oh yes, she is the woman responsible for putting diamonds on the blockchain, and as we know … Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Kemp spent 20-plus years in the tech sector and attended the Gemological Institute of America in New York, making her an accredited jewelry consultant (diamond essentials completed). She realized that there was a niche in this market that was yet to be solved. After years of experience with diamonds and little success toward a solution … blockchain technology finally came to fruition and thus, Everledger was born.

Everledger is a startup that uses blockchain technology to assist in the reduction of risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces. A huge part of Kemp’s efforts were to digitize validation. How did she do so, you may ask? By taking one of the UN’s protocols and turning it digital. Yes, this lady took the United Nation’s Kimberley protocol’s core infrastructure and created Everledger’s Diamond Time-Lapse Protocol.

Thanks to Kemp, not only are we making sure our diamonds aren’t blood diamonds, but we’re also ensuring that the Harry Winston rock on our fingers is real!

Jemma Green

Dr. Jemma Green is not only on the blockchain train but she’s also helping to save the world!!! We’re talking reduce, reuse, recycle … Green is putting renewable energy on the blockchain! This Australian powerhouse is the co-founder and chairman of Power Ledger, “the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy” using blockchain technology.

Power Ledger is an awesome company that does many incredible things. Green describes it by saying, “Our platform can be used to enable the trading of electricity as well as the settlement and payment between buyers and sellers. It’s also used as a way to fund energy assets — how the assets are funded and how they are operated.”

Back in 2016, Green was completing her PhD on the disruption in electricity markets when a colleague introduced her to the concept of blockchains. At that point in her PhD process, she was looking to design a solar and battery system for an apartment/condo building, but wasn’t able to find a software that would allocate units of electricity to each apartment, allowing those who weren’t home to actually use that electricity to “trade” it with their neighbors. So, she met with some blockchain enthusiasts and set up a company!

Just as her name would imply, Dr. Jemma Green is keeping our planet green and helping you rake in the green by giving consumers the ultimate peer-to-peer marketplace for trading/using electricity!

Maureen Downey

Not only is it Woman Crush Wednesday, but what other very important event occurs on hump day? That’s right, Wine Wednesday! Therefore, it’s only fitting that our next amazing blockchain woman is the one responsible for putting wine on the blockchain — Maureen Downey!

Downey is the CEO and founder of Chai Wine Vault — an unprecedented solution for securing the authenticity and provenance of fine wines. Her solution is being built on Ethereum with the goal of creating a permanent, digital record of provenance that can be accessed throughout a bottle’s entire lifetime journey — regardless of how many times a bottle reenters the wine (or wine auction) market.

Not only is Downey helping combat the hugeeee issue of counterfeit wine (did you know almost 30 percent of all alcohol consumed is fake and about 20 percent of international sales are from counterfeit wine — EW!), but Downey is also out there stopping crime. After becoming a certified sommelier at 21 years old, Downey started working in wine auctions. During that time, she received multiple calls from a man named Rudy Kurniawan, who would check on the authenticity of certain wine bottles. She eventually realized he was calling to make sure he wasn’t buying his OWN FAKE BOTTLES! Rudy had created and sold over $150 million in counterfeit wine, so Downey doubled-teamed him with the FBI and took the crook down. There’s a whole documentary about it on Netflix calledSour Grapes.”

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