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Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Prepares for Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2018

In September, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, a leading Chinese research firm, will launch the fourth incarnation of its International Blockchain Week event. Since its inception in 2015, this Shanghai-based gathering has become an annual staple of the East Asian blockchain space, promising a variety of events involving everyone from small-scale entrepreneurs to leaders of the industry.

The latest entry in Wanxiang’s event series is looking to build on past success, promising a wide range of attractions and more than 2,000 attendees.

Building Solutions

In a set of opening festivities befitting the spirit of the blockchain industry, the summit will begin with a hackathon lasting two and a half days, bringing teams from around the world together to compete in various events. Lasting from September 7 to 9, the hackathon is sure to result in some compelling technical advancements.

Two challenges will be prepared for the event, one of which is being kept tightly under wraps to be revealed at the beginning of the summit. The other challenge, however, is being freely described in advance, so that teams may have some idea of how to best prepare. The goal is to devise plans for a “smart city,” incorporating blockchains, AI and other cutting-edge technologies to propose a space where 90,000 people could live and work.

Gathering Leaders

On September 10, the event’s “open day” will unite various entrepreneurs, project leads and blockchain developers to discuss their own projects, new platforms and contributions to the blockchain space. This event’s talks will dive into the fine details of various solutions and serve as a real treat for those interested in high-concept blockchain initiatives. Ultimately, the goal is to help facilitate a greater understanding of the entire industry and its concerns.

Compelling Speakers

The crown jewel of the conference is sure to be the summit itself, taking place from September 11 to 12 and uniting some of the key figures of the blockchain space in one location. Rather than dealing with specific projects, these speakers intend to relay deeper insights about the world of distributed ledger technology itself. Headlined by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, the future of blockchain will be addressed by a variety of professionals, from all angles of the industry.

Bitcoin Now Available Through Coinstar Kiosks Nationwide

Distributed Summary:

  • Coinstar and Coinme team up to offer bitcoin-for-cash transactions at grocery stores around the country
  • Twitter users have shared photos of the on-screen process

Here Come the Three Bears

Joseph Lubin Joins ErisX

Distributed Summary:

  • The founder of ConsenSys joins the board of ErisX, a spot and futures crypto asset platform
  • Could precede additional assets becoming available on the platform
  • Signals potential optimism for 2019 crypto asset market

Legislation From Wyoming Could Enable Blockchain-Based Stock Certificates

Distributed Summary:

  • Bipartisan bill would allow corporations to use blockchain tokens as their only form of stock certification
  • Comes on the heels of other pro-blockchain legislation passed in the state
  • Successful implementation under these blockchain-friendly laws may change legislation elsewhere