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Thought Leaders Predict the Future of Digital Media at Distributed 2018

The Distributed media brand recently hosted a flagship conference on blockchain technology in San Francisco where prominent thinkers and experts in the space joined together to deliver a variety of fireside chat-style talks on the most pressing topics of today and tomorrow.

One such discussion focused on the potential for distributed ledger technology to radically disrupt journalism and digital media, moderated by the Axios technical reporter Kia Kokalitcheva.

Two CEOs making their marks on the digital journalism scene offered insights during the discussion, with Matthew Iles of Civil sharing his lessons learned in trying to build a decentralized platform for independent journalism and Jarrod Dicker of outlining how his protocol could allow creators and journalists to more sustainably monetize their work.

The pair seemed to agree that the largest issue facing journalism today is the distinct difference between the actual content creators and the media platforms that their work is hosted on. As the competition between media companies becomes even fiercer, they are incentivized to maximize revenue through sensational titles and lowered journalistic integrity. As trust in these larger media assets “craters,” as Iles put it, firms like Civil and will have the opportunity to use blockchain-based platforms to give content a more concrete mark of independence and high standards of quality.

These CEOs managed to address a wide range of concerns to the present and future states of the digital media industry in a succinct fashion. This level of polish and expertise was a standard feature of panel discussions at the Distributed 2018 conference. To watch other panels on the wide range of topics covered there, visit Distributed’s YouTube channel.

Google Adds Bitcoin Symbol to iOS Keyboard

Source: Reddit

Google has added the Bitcoin symbol to its keyboard on iOS, making it one of several alternative currency symbols available when users hold down the dollar symbol key.

Germany Opens Industry Consultation Process for Blockchain Strategy

Source: Reuters

Ahead of announcing an official strategy for leveraging blockchain technology more widely, the German government has opened a process for receiving recommendations around the technology from local companies and industry groups. Germany is Europe's largest economy and Berlin is home to numerous blockchain startups. The solicited recommendations could lead to official legislative action in the near future.

In the Post ICO World, CoinList Prepares Crypto Projects for Investment

ICOs emerged quickly as a popular model for crypto startups to raise funds, exposure and customer interest. But the world of ICOs took a nasty turn in 2018, with many projects that used the model unable to deliver on their promises to investors or turning out to be downright phony.

NFTs: How They Work and How They’re Bridging Blockchains and the Collectibles Industry

The upcoming NFT.NYC event highlights the growing role that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are playing in the crypto industry — and a growing intersection between crypto assets and collectibles.