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Sora Ventures Hosts International Blockchain Conference in Macau

This fall, Sora Ventures will host a blockchain and cryptocurrency event in Macau, China, for the first time.

From November 13 to 14, this conference will put the spotlight on the blockchain space’s development in Asia and highlight some of the specific applications that Macau itself is well-suited to propel. The conference will feature a wide array of notable personalities from the industry, covering a range of topics that stretch into many niche areas. Jason Fang, managing partner at Sora Ventures, and David Roebuck, principal of Sora Ventures, offered interviews with to highlight some of the goals and attractions to be featured at this conference.

Putting Casinos on a Blockchain

If the conference’s host city of Macau is famous for one thing, it would be the rich tradition of gambling that stretches back to the mid-19th century. It would not be fair to call Macau merely the “Las Vegas equivalent” in a nation that one billion people call home, as the revenues generated in this city have exceeded Vegas’ for several years.

As Fang stated, one of the reasons that his group is “hosting in Macau [is] to showcase our second incubated project, Alphaslot, which provides slot machines for casinos in Asia.” He went on to state that one of the conference’s limited partners “is the Stanley Ho family office, so we are hosting in their ‘home base’” to show the possible resources that such a partnership can have for blockchain implementation.

Roebuck was excited to partner with such a mover and shaker in all of the industries of Macau, as he called one of the conference’s speakers, Mario Ho, an “actual son of the Ho family that built Macau.” With several billion dollars between the family’s casinos, a mutual partnership in implementing Alphaslot should have the deep pockets necessary to build infrastructure.

A Cornucopia of Hosts

With the Sora Summit established in such an advantageous location, the actual content provided by the speakers will naturally cover a more diverse range of topics than Alphaslot alone. As Fang put it, there are several points of discussion between the many speakers, including “blockchain [technology] and token investments in Asia, casino use-case with blockchain technology and Sora Ventures.”

As a result, the conference has many noteworthy guests. Some particular treats include Taylor Gerring, co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation; Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum; Sunny Lu, co-founder of VeChain and more. Over the two days of the scheduled lectures and panels, generalized topics will be punctuated with region-specific conversations, including some on Korea, China and the United States.

The Sora Summit seems to be a bold entry from Sora Ventures into the world of international blockchain conferences, with a wide array of special interest areas and real potential for financial growth. As they move forward with projects like the introduction of blockchain technology into Macau’s casinos, it should prove interesting to see how they advance in the space.

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