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OKEx Lists BitTorrent, Airdrops BTT to TRON Users

Crypto exchange OKEx has announced that it will list BitTorrent’s new token, BTT, and support an airdrop of BTT for TRON (TRX) holders.

“We had established strong and solid relationship with TRON's team since the very first day we listed TRX on OKEx,” said Lennix Lai, the financial market director at OKEx. “TRON's community was thrilled at the news that we decided to support BTT.”

BitTorrent is running BTT on the TRON TRC-10 system.

According to the press release, all OKEx accounts holding TRX will be in included in an airdrop of BTT.

“As an exchange we are committed to offering a great variety of tradable digital assets for our users,” said Lai. “We reckon the potential airdrop of BTT for TRON holders has affected the supply and demand on TRX. We are hoping the listing on BTT would let the market to determine the value of BTT in a fair and transparent manner via trading mechanisms.”

The airdrop is expected to last for six years.

“We list any projects which have fulfilled our listing procedures and criteria,” Lai claimed. Looking to the future, he also noted that “BitTorrent has set a good example recently. We are looking forward to seeing more successful projects this year.”

A Former CFTC Chairman’s Plan for Federal Crypto Regulation

Timothy Massad, the former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has outlined a case for better (read: stricter) federal crypto asset regulation in a substantial report for the Brookings Institute, “It’s Time to Strengthen the Regulation of Crypto-Assets.”

Square to Hire Full-Time Team of Open-Source Bitcoin, Crypto Contributors

Source: Twitter

Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of social media giant Twitter and mobile payments company Square, announced that he is hiring a handful of full-time employees for the latter who will work on open-source contributions to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. He added that the work done by this team, made up of three or four engineers and one designer, will be independent of Square's business objectives and all resulting work will be open and free.

Will #DeleteCoinbase Hurt Cryptocurrency Adoption?

There has been no shortage of news regarding trust issues in the cryptocurrency sphere. For example, the recent death of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerry Cotten revealed that he personally held the keys for the company’s reserves and they were lost, leaving platform users dependent on the Canadian justice system for a solution.

Huobi Introduces Coin Launch Platform

Source: Huobi

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announce that "Huobi Prime," a coin launch platform, will go live on March 26. The service will allow professional and retail investors to purchase new cryptocurrencies before they are listed more broadly and potentially at lower costs. The announcement appears to compete with Binance's Launchpad service.