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Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network Adds ‘The Blockcrunch’

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network (LTBN), a collection of podcasts dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, has added Jason Choi’s “The Blockcrunch” to its roster.


Hosted by crypto researcher Jason Choi, The Blockcrunch is a podcast targeting investors, builders, and people who are interested in pursuing a career in the crypto space.

Currently, many existing podcasts in the blockchain space are recorded conversations lasting 50-90 minutes, which far exceed the length of the average work commute. For Blockcrunch, we decided to capture the most important ideas championed by prominent founders and investors within 20 minutes, targeting busier people on crunch time (pun intended).

Each episode will focus on one theme specific to the interviewee’s expertise, which include:

  • What are the best ways to grow the blockchain ecosystem (ICOs, venture capital, index funds, or startup accelerators)?
  • What are some frameworks we can use in evaluating the value of cryptoassets?
  • What are the challenges in scaling decentralized exchanges, and are they the future?
  • How can we leverage blockchain as a way to achieve financial inclusion and social impact?

Experienced venture capitalists, fund managers, accelerator operators, as well as blockchain builders will be answering these questions on the podcast.

For the latest episode, Choi was joined by Tom Shaughnessy, founder of 51percent Crypto Research. You can listen to and download the episode here.

Disclaimer: LTBN and are both properties of BTC Media.

Will #DeleteCoinbase Hurt Cryptocurrency Adoption?

There has been no shortage of news regarding trust issues in the cryptocurrency sphere. For example, the recent death of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerry Cotten revealed that he personally held the keys for the company’s reserves and they were lost, leaving platform users dependent on the Canadian justice system for a solution.

Huobi Introduces Coin Launch Platform

Source: Huobi

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announce that "Huobi Prime," a coin launch platform, will go live on March 26. The service will allow professional and retail investors to purchase new cryptocurrencies before they are listed more broadly and potentially at lower costs. The announcement appears to compete with Binance's Launchpad service.

Japan to Cap Leverage in Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

Japanese financial authorities have approved draft amendments to the country's financial and payment services law that will cap leverage in cryptocurrency margin trading at two to four times the initial deposits. Cryptocurrency exchanges that allow for margin trading — including BitMEX and Bitfinex — will have to obtain new government registration to operate in the country.

Distributed Cartoon: Board the Enterprise

With the "change the world" possibilities of decentralized computing taking longer to launch than many hoped, blockchain businesses are now pivoting to enterprise sales — framing the technology as a savior for fundamental business needs like optimized supply chains and healthcare transaction efficiency.