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Distributed 2018 Panel Explores How to Serve Developing Markets Using Blockchain Technology

Many wonder how blockchain technology can disrupt the vital industries that make up the world economy. But a panel of experts at San Francisco’s Distributed 2018 conference asked an even more vital question about the potential of decentralization: How can this technology help people in regions that have little to no control over the world’s critical supply chains?

When addressing the many logistical problems of such a task, as Tricia Martinez of Wala pointed out, the logic of a traditional blockchain startup is underprepared to apply distributed ledgers for the greater good, as a great number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) quickly raise “exorbitant amounts of money, which remove any urgency to deliver.” To make a meaningful impact on the real world, Martinez believes that goals and expectations can only stay manageable along with an active financial drive to make progress.

This fireside chat, titled “Developing Markets for Underserved Communities,” featured several guests who offered various perspectives on the Global South. Robby Greenfield, the global social impact technical lead at ConsenSys, moderated the discussion, providing knowledge about developing technical communities. In addition to Martinez, he was joined by Steven Becker, president and chief operations officer of MakerDAO, and Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation, who discussed promoting stable growth alongside decentralization. Together, the group addressed some of the practical concerns for making meaningful social and economic change with blockchain technology and its possible limitations.

Distributed 2018 was a flagship conference dedicated to distributed ledger technology, bringing in experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world to discuss the myriad applications of distributed ledgers. To view more of the panel discussions on specific topics, visit Distributed’s YouTube channel.

Bitcoin Now Available Through Coinstar Kiosks Nationwide

Distributed Summary:

  • Coinstar and Coinme team up to offer bitcoin-for-cash transactions at grocery stores around the country
  • Twitter users have shared photos of the on-screen process

Here Come the Three Bears

Joseph Lubin Joins ErisX

Distributed Summary:

  • The founder of ConsenSys joins the board of ErisX, a spot and futures crypto asset platform
  • Could precede additional assets becoming available on the platform
  • Signals potential optimism for 2019 crypto asset market

Legislation From Wyoming Could Enable Blockchain-Based Stock Certificates

Distributed Summary:

  • Bipartisan bill would allow corporations to use blockchain tokens as their only form of stock certification
  • Comes on the heels of other pro-blockchain legislation passed in the state
  • Successful implementation under these blockchain-friendly laws may change legislation elsewhere