Case Study

Elastic Team supports Security Watchdog
with time-sensitive project

Highly-skilled talent on demand

Security Watchdog is Europe’s leading background checking company. They deliver smart screening solutions to a global client portfolio and needed technical support for a migration project.

Security Watchdog’s primary goal was to decommission and transfer sensitive data from an outdated system to a new one. This project formed part of an important, wider business objective and Distributed’s Elastic Team provided the perfect solution to a complex, time-critical problem.

“Things couldn’t have worked out any better. It felt very much like the Elastic Team was part of our internal team, not like we were buying a service at all. We got exactly what we wanted and couldn’t be happier.”

Paul Goddard

IT Director

The project at a glance




Starting afresh with new tech systems

The Elastic Team got stuck into this project straight away. Security Watchdog needed to add to their team right away, so it was imperative that they could learn on the job and collaborate with the in-house team.

Primarily the Elastic Team focused on a priority list of high-risk tasks such as critical financial processes and discovering everything there was to know about the software. From there, the focus shifted to support and maintenance as things moved across to the new system.

The flexibility and varied skill set of the Elastic Team allowed Security Watchdog to stay on track and budget without compromising on quality.

Open and honest

With deadlines already agreed, the Elastic Team had to pick up a project halfway through and learn parts of the system entirely from scratch. Not only did they deliver on time, but Security Watchdog was delighted with the honesty and communication the Elastic Team provided.

IT Director, Paul Goddard, expressed how initial concerns around there being a disconnect between internal and external talent were never an issue:

“We were really impressed with the openness and collaboration the Elastic Team showed and how they felt so much like an internal team member.”

Paul Goddard

IT Director

Scalable flexibility at speed

A global talent strategy is only as strong as the work that talent delivers

Not only did the Elastic Team deliver over the 18-month project, but Distributed’s ability to stand talent up and down, at speed, provided Security Watchdog with high-level support at short notice. Paul Goddard added:

“Not having to invest in permanent talent suited Security Watchdog as the quick nature of deployment was perfect for this time-sensitive project.”

Elastic Teams give enterprises the flexibility and skill when they need it most, without compromising on quality.