In its 2023 work trend predictions, Gartner introduced the concept of “quiet hiring”—the rise of nontraditional ways of talent procurement that may include redistributing internal resources or leveraging freelance workers.

Now more than ever, being part of a Talent Cloud opens up new opportunities for freelancers to build a meaningful career with the world’s leading companies. We’ll break down what it means to freelance through a private Talent Cloud with Distributed.

Build towards financial independence

We know how critical it is to receive payment on time for the hard work that you do. At Distributed, we make sure freelancers are paid on time, every time. Additionally, we take the complication of rate negotiations out of the process by making sure our Talent Cloud members are paid fairly every time. Our internal rate cards are informed by industry benchmarks as well as proprietary data ensuring our Elastic Teams are paid at the 50th percentile.

As an intermediary, Distributed represents our community members’ best interests. Freelancers in our private Talent Cloud don’t face the same unknowns that might exist with an open talent network where rates are self-defined.

Maintain flexibility and autonomy

Working as a contractor as part of a Talent Cloud allows for an incredible amount of flexibility in one’s schedule. Talent Cloud workers are able to shape their own time so that their work can meet their personal life needs. In the same way that Enterprise clients are able to scale their teams based on their needs, members of a Talent Cloud are able to scale their own work based on availability.

The Distributed fulfilment team works closely with clients and Talent Cloud members to find the best fit for both sides of the relationship. The team takes into account what a freelancer is looking for in their career growth in order to ensure that the projects will align with each member of an Elastic Team.

Access Distributed’s community

Distributed’s Talent Cloud members are welcomed into our Academy, a built-in cohort of like-minded freelancers sharing insights, experiences, and resources.

From our community platform to our Discord, members are encouraged and engaged to join real-time conversations about their work and expertise. Our Community team also puts together tailored events that are focused on building connections and sharing industry knowledge.

Engage with stand-out brands doing innovative work

Members of a Talent Cloud are able to access the diverse roster of clients who leverage freelance teams. At Distributed, brands such as MasterCard, BT Group, and BP, have launched impressive projects with the support of freelancers who make it possible to reach ambitious goals.

For freelancers looking to build a long-term career in independent work, engaging with a wide range of brands as a Distributed Elastic Team member unlocks unique opportunities to learn new skills and refine current expertise, including getting to know new industries and markets.

Grow your career by joining Distributed’s Talent Cloud

We curate Elastic Teams in our Talent Cloud with sustainability in mind. We understand that long-term career growth is key for freelance technical talent who want to build consistency and stability within their areas of expertise. Distributed cultivates a community that isn’t afraid to share and learn with one another. Join our Talent Cloud today to get started on your career growth journey.

If you want to achieve better results with your IT projects, consider engaging with an Elastic Team from Distributed. We’re confident you’ll see the difference in efficiency, quality, and overall success.

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