Callum Adamson, CEO of Distributed: “This new round of funding lets us get more businesses working with Distributed teams, which is not only essential as we battle through the COVID-19 pandemic, but will also provide anti-fragile software delivery solutions for them as we emerge from this economic shockwave.”

In the midst of the largest ever distribution of global workforces from in-office to remote, combined with the largest ever shutdown of offshore development teams, businesses are struggling to maintain the speed and quality of their software development projects.

With a fast-growing tech platform enabling enterprises to work with fully managed, globally distributed software development teams, Distributed is in a unique position to help businesses deliver their digital roadmap without the uncertainty of attracting new full-time technical team members remotely that can often take up to 5 months and cost more than £20,000 per hire.

The rapid shift in market focus towards scalable, distributed software delivery solutions led to Fuel Ventures investing an additional £2.5m in London-based Distributed, bringing total funding to £4.1m, enabling the company to scale delivery capacity and multiply support to enterprises in the face of rapidly increasing demand.

This announcement comes on the back of a landmark partnership between Distributed and Capita plc signed in April 2020, with Distributed supporting Capita’s digital transformation and accelerating the adoption of distributed teams across  Capita’s network of enterprise clients.

Distributed solves four key issues for businesses: (1) Immediate access to vetted technical talent through their dedicated talent pool,  enabling a team of expert developers to integrate into existing projects in a matter of days; (2) Turns significant fixed costs into flexible variable costs, while enabling workload to be scaled up or down at a days’ notice across a wide range of coding languages; (3) Managing the external team without taking up CTO headspace, with every project fully managed from brief to delivery to ensure the most efficient and best quality outcome; (4) The inherent fragility of office-based teams, by leveraging a globally distributed team to underpin business continuity plans, challenging the notion that any firm’s perfect team exists within a 20-mile radius of any office.

Distributed projects are completed faster and typically at a lower cost than it would take to hire additional resources. This unique blend of speed to results, scalability to immediate requirements, and expert management of the outcome provides huge value for enterprises struggling to deliver their digital roadmap in the current climate.

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