According to Gartner, around 80% of IT projects are considered failures by the business, resulting in cost overruns, missed deadlines, and unmet expectations. At Distributed, we’ve proven that there’s a better way to get IT projects done.

The latest research, carried out by a FTSE 100 Tech company, showed that compared to other partners, Distributed came out on top in terms of productivity and code quality.

Distributed Elastic Teams were 90% more productive than the industry average and 64% more productive than the client’s partnership average.

How do we achieve results like these?
It all comes down to our Elastic Teams. In building our community, we ensure that only the highest calibre talent make up our teams. That means not just coding scores, but cultural fit and problem solving ability, too.
When you add this to the fact that all of our team members opt-in to every customer engagement, you get a high quality, highly engaged team, ready to tackle the task and deliver demonstrably outstanding results.

But what exactly is an Elastic Team?
In short, it’s a team of highly skilled software engineers, who work together, on a project-by-project basis. Our Elastic Teams are carefully assembled to match each client’s unique needs and preferences. Our project managers ensure a smooth collaboration process that allows team members to focus on what they do best.

So why should enterprises be engaging with Elastic Teams now?
The traditional way of procuring IT services is outdated and inefficient. By tapping into a Talent Cloud, like Distributed, companies can access a vast pool of highly skilled software engineers, without the hassle of a lengthy hiring process. And because our Elastic Teams are composed of experts in their respective fields, they can deliver high-quality results quickly and efficiently.

But beyond the practical benefits, there’s also a cultural shift happening in the world of work. More and more professionals are seeking flexible, remote work opportunities that allow them to pursue their passions and work on projects that interest them.

Were you aware that over 40% of all digital talent is freelance?
By engaging with Elastic Teams, enterprises can tap into this pool and attract top talent who might not otherwise be interested in a traditional 9-to-5 job.

At Distributed, we take pride in the quality of our Elastic Teams. Each team member undergoes rigorous screening to ensure they possess the technical skills required, a customer-focused mindset and a dedication to excellence. This results in happy customers and successful projects time and time again.

If you want to achieve better results with your IT projects, consider engaging with an Elastic Team from Distributed. We’re confident you’ll see the difference in efficiency, quality, and overall success.

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