Europe’s leading private talent cloud joins the fight to ensure freelancers working on digital projects are fairly rewarded, not exploited

Distributed, Europe’s leading private talent cloud for skilled tech freelancers, has partnered with Freelance Movement to support freelancers’ working rights further.

Distributed has built a global community of freelance talent that allows enterprise organisations to deploy skilled workers into their core technology product lines; their Elastic Teams.

Championing tech freelancers’ rights

Through its proprietary platform, Distributed recruits into the Elastic Team from across the globe and works with freelancers to prevent and address the problems they face daily. Whether finding work, concern over regular payment, seeking support from a like-minded community, easing the administrative burden or career development, Distributed exists to alleviate these pressures on the self-employed.

Callum Adamson, Co-founder & CEO of Distributed, commented: “Businesses are facing a severe digital skills shortage, and so freelancers are critical to the successful delivery of tech-enabled products and services, yet their employment rights in the UK and across Europe are poor, to say the least. Distributed’s mission is to provide rewarding freelance software careers with more benefits than permanent employment.

“Joining Freelance Movement gives Distributed the opportunity to champion freelancer rights alongside an organisation that fulfils its purpose through active lobbying on policy issues; engaging with politicians, business leaders and influencers, as well as building alliances with opinion-formers, decision-makers and stakeholders globally.”

Glen Hodgson, Founder and CEO of Freelance Movement, commented: “Freelance Movement was established as an ideas platform and discussion forum. Our focus is on reducing barriers to trade and promoting the right framework to harness the power of the future of work in Europe and beyond. We pride ourselves on bringing together companies, governments, organisations and citizens to achieve this aim. 

“The addition of Distributed to Freelance Movement adds a significant voice to a significantly underrepresented portion of the working population. We look forward to working with Distributed to champion the rights of freelancers around the world.” 

To find out more about how Distributed and Freelance Movement are working together in support of freelancers across the continent, you can hear them speak at the Nordic Freelance and Future of Work Innovation Summit on the 9th October.

About Freelance Movement

Are the largest trade association in Northern Europe active on issues affecting freelancers and the future of work. 

Please visit for more information.

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