Remote work is here to stay and many companies around the world are still struggling to find the best ways to reward and recognize their globally distributed teams. UK-based Distributed, however, has just been awarded the Outstanding Reward & Recognition award from The Omnis for their outstanding work in bringing their teams together as a remote work hero.

Distributed beat out dozens of applicants from around the world for The Omnis’ first awards program, hosted by Omnipresent, that celebrates global teams that have adapted to a new normal of working remotely. Judges included Wayne Turmel from Remote Leadership Institute; Gren Gale from PM Results; Cynthia Trivella from TalentCulture; Daniella Guzman from Mercer; Matthew Liptak from Scipher Medicine; Kaleem Clarkson of Blend Me Inc.; Chris Dyer from PeopleG2; and Maya Middlemiss of Healthy Happy Homeworking.

To help Distributed continue to grow their business, The Omnis and their partners are awarding them with: $10,000 to spend on global hiring services from Omnipresent, $10,000 towards their first year of bob from Hibob, two employee relocations courtesy of PerchPeek, £1,500 worth of credits from Learnerbly and one year of TwistTM courtesy of Doist.

Feedback From The Judges 

“The Distributed team was able to convey an evolved strategy that truly encompasses one of the main groups of the remote and flexible work world, the freelancer.  Savvy companies know that they need help to grow in unpredictable ways.  Having flexibility and ‘elastic teams’ is not only beneficial to the organization, but hugely impactful to the team member.  Despite all that has been written and debated about remote work, it is truly rooted in what is best for each person, first.  The Distributed recognition program stood out in a very elite group for its ability to support and expand one fantastic person at a time.”

The Omnis Event Series

“The Omnis has been a great way to showcase exciting examples of how companies are creating new standards in remote work,” said Lind Wang, Head of Marketing at Omnipresent. “The event series celebrates the winners but also allows for bigger conversations to develop around trends, disruptions, and new opportunities for leaders around the world. We’re so proud to have been able to create this platform for this type of conversation to help so many learn and develop their own skills relevant to today’s work environment.”

The Omnis event series was held November 2 to December 16, 2021, to announce the winners across six categories representative of the employee lifecycle: Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits, Outstanding Reward & Recognition, Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Work, Outstanding Culture & Communication, Outstanding Learning & Development, and Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition.

About The Omnis

The Omnis are a new awards program that celebrates employees and employers that have adapted to a new normal of working remotely, with teams situated globally. Presented by Omnipresent, The Omnis are open to organizations of all sizes, in any industry, and set new global standards for best practices in remote work. Entries for The Omnis were judged by an external, third-party panel whose members believe in celebrating the heroes of remote teams.

Callum Adamson, CEO at Distributed, said “Freelancers are key to winning the war for talent. Finding ways to engage with highly skilled talent is always challenging as top talent always has a choice as to where they want to engage, especially in the freelance sector.

“Distributed’s Elastic Teams model means top talent gets all the advantages of freelance but with enhanced benefits. We can deliver projects for clients with greater speed and flexibility than our competitors as our model gives greater access to remote workers in the global talent market allowing us to build re-composable, dynamic teams. Distributed’s approach has huge advantages for everyone involved.”

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