Following a year of record growth Distributed achieved 16th position on the prestigious list, which previously identified brands including Revolut, Deliveroo, HelloFresh and Bulb

On-demand software teams startup, Distributed, has been awarded 16th place on the 2021 Startups 100, the longest running index of the UK’s most disruptive startups. This is based on the company’s accelerating, explosive growth of 500% so far in 2021.

Over the past 18 months Distributed has steamed ahead in delivering digital change as quickly as necessary to help businesses access the best talent, exactly when they need it. Working with the likes of the UK’s Ministry of Justice and Capita, Distributed has connected developers and software testers to work on major multi-firm digital transformation and technical projects.

Run by the UK’s most established website for entrepreneurs,, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses that demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact, and the ability to scale. The list has previously identified what have later become household name brands, including Revolut, Deliveroo, HelloFresh and Bulb.

Callum Adamson, CEO and Co-founder of Distributed, says: “This award is testament to Distributed’s model of Elastic Teams™ having real impact on the way the post-pandemic workplace operates. Businesses need to realise that the tech talent is out there, they just need to be looking in different places. And we’re connecting the dots for them, giving access to on-demand tech talent, no matter how far away they are geographically. In doing so, we are supporting the long overdue rebalance of power between employer and employees – and not too soon.”

Richard Parris, Managing Editor of, comments: “After a particularly difficult year for businesses we are happier than ever to celebrate UK success stories. Every year the Startups 100 shows how UK businesses are responding to the issues, concerns and trends of the time. Entrepreneurs solve problems – whether the home care crisis being tackled by businesses like Cera and Birdie, diversity in hiring being challenged by Multiverse, or the recent pet boom being capitalised on by Vet AI – you can see UK businesses innovating to meet the challenges of the time and being very successful whilst doing it!”

About Distributed

Distributed is a tech-enabled startup founded in 2017 on the belief that businesses of the future will thrive without the need for technical development teams-in-residence. Through the Distributed platform, clients can work with Elastic Teams™️ – fully managed, globally distributed teams – as easily as local teams, allowing them to build and maintain software to a higher standard faster, safer and with more visibility than ever before. 

About the Startups 100

Entering the Startups 100 is completely free. Established in 2008, the Startups 100 index identifies privately-owned UK companies launched in the last 5 years that demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact and the ability to scale.  

As the longest running index of its kind, the prestigious Startups 100 is industry-renowned for uncovering businesses that will go on to become major brands, and even household names. It boasts alumni companies including Revolut, eve Sleep, HelloFresh, Purplebricks, LendInvest, Deliveroo, Bulb, and many more acclaimed businesses.

Notes to editors

To feature, all businesses in the index had to have launched in the past 5 years, be UK-based, and be privately owned (at the time of entering)

For the full list visit – the list will be live on Monday and will be shared on social media via @startupstowers #Startups100

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