Talent Clouds allow leaders to scale their teams based on their changing business needs. Today’s staffing shortage continues to grow, with Gartner Distinguished VP Brian Kropp predicting that companies may see a 50% to 75% increase in year-over-year turnover rates. It’s critical to leverage a dynamic and agile workforce with the specific expertise that you need for your projects. 

This is reflected in Forrester’s recent Business and Technology Services Survey. The results predict that 44% of leaders expect to increase their use of freelancers in 2023. While the use of Talent Clouds has gained momentum in the past few years, there are opportunities to get today’s Enterprise executives caught up on what Talent Clouds from Distributed can really offer to innovative teams.

Myth: It’s difficult to maintain quality control

Hiring managers may worry that they won’t be able to ensure the quality of work produced by freelancers from a Talent Cloud, especially if they’re not familiar with the workers’ skills and experience. While this may be true of public talent networks where individuals are connected to opportunities without prior vetting, Distributed’s Talent Cloud is a private ecosystem that prioritises quality talent with demonstrated expertise.

Freelancers who join Distributed’s Talent Cloud are carefully vetted in order to showcase their skill levels, specialisations, locations, and work experiences. Additionally, they go through a culture review process to ensure a fit with our clients. For leaders who need time back in their days to focus on bigger picture impact, this level of quality control within our community of experts ensures peace of mind when working with an Elastic Team from Distributed’s Talent Cloud.

Myth: Communication is a challenge

It’s possible to feel overwhelmed by the idea of communicating timelines and goals across time zones and geographies. Distributed’s Talent Cloud solves for this by matching leaders with technical experts who offer time zone alignment. Distributed also offers Managed Services, meaning our Talent Cloud provides services to manage the delivery of outcomes, including oversight of talent or the entire delivery team.

Our Talent Cloud also sets high standards for communication. During our vetting process, we ensure that community members have the strong communication skills necessary to successfully collaborate with a dynamic team. Throughout Covid-19, we continued to refine remote collaboration by leveraging asynchronous communication and adopting new tools and methods with our community.

Myth: Too much time is spent on logistics

While leaders may have the inclination to lean on internal Human Resources protocol in order to avoid the logistics of hiring externally, Distributed’s Talent Cloud covers that gap by deploying a multi-functional Fulfilment Team. These teams work in tandem with leaders to take into account project goals, budget, skills, experience, and pay rates when curating Elastic Team members.

With a public talent network, leaders may have to manage their own procurement without any support. In the case of leveraging a private Talent Cloud with Distributed, the details are handled on our side and leaders are able to focus on projects at hand with the tech experts they need.

Myth: There are too many “clouds” already

The similarity between private Talent Clouds and cloud-based SaaS platforms is the exact reason why leaders should leverage it for scaling their teams. It may be daunting to think about the implementation and integration of a new tool, but with the Distributed Talent Cloud, there is no traditional cloud-based tool to set up. Instead, the Talent Cloud is a private, vetted community of technical experts who offer the flexibility of Elastic Teams. 

As leaders need to scale up or down, they’re able to access top-quality, curated teams that match their specific needs—all at their fingertips. 

Myth: Talent Cloud experts may not have a culture fit

With a Talent Cloud, freelancers are distributed across different geographies. This is a strength to leverage among teams, since each expert brings their own diverse perspectives and ideas to a project, further enriching the project and the company with their unique skill sets. At Distributed, our transparent approach builds trust with technical talent, ensuring that honesty and open communication are at the forefront of working relationships.

On the community side, Distributed nurtures the experts in our Talent Cloud by cultivating spaces for real-time community chat, events, and upskilling opportunities. We’re intentional about our own community culture and build values that carry through to the client.

Harness the potential of Talent Clouds

Adaptability is a crucial feature of any successful enterprise company. Talent Clouds offer leaders the opportunity to get specific with skill sets while leveraging an Elastic Team that can change based on the company’s needs at any given moment.

If you want to achieve better results with your IT projects, consider engaging with an Elastic Team from Distributed. We’re confident you’ll see the difference in efficiency, quality, and overall success.

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