We are thrilled to announce that Adam Morehead has joined Distributed as Head of Community.

Adam is a thought leader and global authority on open talent, crowdsourcing, and distributed work. Adam brings 20+ years of expertise in helping enterprises discover, innovate and find success through the power of open talent and talent communities. 

Prior to joining Distributed, Adam was VP of Community and Marketing at Topcoder. Co-creating the Topcoder Design Community in 2006, Adam spent 17 years innovating, building, leading, and connecting the Topcoder Community with opportunities and customers. 

During his time at Topcoder, Adam became a friend, mentor, and leader in the Topcoder Community. 

He traveled the globe, hosting events and workshops to connect with the many talented members and watching them and their careers grow as designers, developers, and data scientists. 

Speaking to Adam, he shared: “I am excited to join Distributed, an amazing private talent cloud community. I love the focus on creating Elastic Teams and providing freelance software careers with more benefits than permanent employment. The power in mobilizing smart people to connect, collaborate and create amazing software with a focus on “Team” and team dynamics, roles, relationships, and rewards is the future.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Distributed’s mission and how we give our freelance community more benefits than permanent employment, watch our free on-demand webinar “Solving freelance developer issues.” 

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