Christopher Tozzi

NFTs: How They Work and How They’re Bridging Blockchains and the Collectibles Industry

The upcoming NFT.NYC event highlights the growing role that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are playing in the crypto industry — and a growing intersection between crypto assets and collectibles.

Google Cloud Adds Blockchain Datasets to Ease Audits and Integrations. Will It Help Keep Crypto Honest?

Google has released the transaction history of six cryptocurrencies as datasets that can be analyzed using big data tools on Google Cloud.

How India’s Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations Could Impact Adoption

Reports have surfaced that the Indian government is likely to take regulatory action to hinder the use of cryptocurrencies by its citizens. And, if true, this contradicts earlier indications that India might officially endorse the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

Draft Law Hopes to Fight Illicit Use of Cryptocurrency, but Will It Have an Impact?

The Fight Illicit Networks and Detect (FIND) Trafficking Act, a proposed law designed to deter the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activity, has passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

But without a deeper understanding of the technology behind cryptocurrencies or foresight about how these assets will actually be used, any law stemming from this draft is not likely to have much of an impact.

Overstock's Security Token Trading Platform, tZero, Is Now Open. Who Can Use It?'s tZERO security tokens are now available for investors to buy and sell, according to a recent announcement. While at a basic level, tZERO tokens are one of the 1,600-plus blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in existence today, the tokens stand out in two ways.