Distributed’s manifesto

We’re rebuilding work in a way that’s better for people and better for businesses

Learn why Distributed are building the future of work through the flexible deployment of highly skilled talent, working remotely and coming together in composable teams that clients access through our private talent cloud



What we’re building lets everyone own their careers independent of employers and build permanent relationships with their co-workers. Elastic Teams give freelancers all the advantages of freelance working but with better benefits than full emplyment.


What we’re building lets businesses focus on defining meaningful futures for themselves and their customers, and lets them work with employees as strategic assets—not expendable ones.


We’re not a technology company. We’re a human company, using technology to make sure that how we choose to spend our lives works for people and works for businesses.


We are the UK’s category-leading private talent cloud and our mission is building independent careers with more benefits than permanent employment.

We’re Distributed.

We build Elastic Teams

Distributed’s team

We are a remote first company but working remotely doesn’t mean we work alone, this hugely talented and committed team work for and support each other every day.

If you’d like to join the future of work revolution you can check out or current vacancies here.

Leadership team

Cal Adamson
CEO & Co-founder


Jeff Bousfield


Barry Quinn
Chief Revenue Officer